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Bead Inspired Design Gallery
Inspirational ideas from the team at Bead Them Up

This page is all abut sharing with you, some of our (we think), brilliant ideas and we hope they will inspire and develop your creative minds whether its for your business or hobby.

Happy Beading

Quarantine Project #1

Swarovski Heart Bracelet
Unravel all the silk thread and tie a knot at the end furthest from the needle.
Dab with clear nail polish and trim.
Thread the clamshell all the way down to the knot and close. 

Thread the hematite beads and the Swarovski heart in a pattern of your choice or follow our pattern (33 beads either side of the heart for an 18cm length bracelet).
Add the other clamshell and tie a knot as close to the clamshell as you can.
Dab the knot with clear nail polish and trim. Close the clamshell and add your clasp.

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Gold filled Cap 11mm

I love this bead cap and use it all the time it goes perfectly with our 11.5-12mm round fresh Water Pearls and any 12mm bead.

Gold Connector

Stunning used in an earring perfect as a connector in a necklace

Multi use connector, these are 3 ideas we have come up with...WHAT CAN YOU DO!

We have included just a few of the beads that will work with this design.

Gold Liquid Silver

Liquid Silver is fine tube beads threade continually, we have made some Designs showing our Gold Plate Sterling Silver 1.2x3mm beads, there are approx 110 per pack which thread up to be 35cm long.

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Combining 3 simple closed rings together makes such a statement design with earrings.

Step 1 Thread your desired bead and a 2mm bead onto a headpin and make a wire wrapped loop.
Step 2 Connect all 3 rings PLUS wire wrapped loop with a 6mm jumplock
Step 3 Attach a 4mm Jumplock to the 6mm jumplock
Step 4 Thread the 4mm jumplock onto the headpin.
Step 5 Repeat for second earring.

We can supply as finished or as components.

We have included just a few of the beads that will work with this design.


Sterling Silver Gemstone Chain 
 We love these delicate Chain necklaces and most of the hard work has already been done as the chain in comes complete in a wide range of different gemstones and Sterling silver, sold by the meter.

How we created this design
NOTE When cutting the chain make sure you have a finished loop at the end.

Step 1 Cut  a 55cm length of chain, attach the lobster clasp and jumpring with a 4mm jumplock.
Step 2 Cut a 13.5mm length of chasin
Step 3 Thread a Pearl onto the 0.5mm Sterling silver wire
Step 4 Using the Wire wrapped link technique attach one end of the wire to the center of the finished chain necklace that was made in Step 1
Step 5 Attach the other end of the wire to the 13.5cm length of chain 6mm from one end
Step 6 Threading 2 Pearls onto a headpin each using wire wrapped link technique attach one to each end of the chain.

Use the rest of the chain for another project or make some earrings as we have done.
Earrings use 3cm of chain in each.

We can supply as finished or as components.
Necklaces are $85 retail and the earrings are $69

Matt Gold & Silver Disc Earrings 35mm drop

These Earrings are as easy to make as threading the pendant onto the sheppard.
We can supply as finished or as components

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Summer and beach weather set of 3 charm bracelets, choose from the wide range of Sterling Silver charms available. Some require a 6mm jumplock others have a jump ring attached.
Thread on 1mm elastic and follow our simple instructions here.

Each strand of beads will give you 2 bracelets we have finished ours at 19cm before closing.

We can supply as finished or as components.

We have included all our seaside charms that will work with this design.

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These earrings are of our most popular designs the Gold plate wired disk is 30mm curve and we have combined with a high grade 12mm faceted red coral bead.

Step 1 Thread the curve disc onto the sheppard as we have in the image.
Step 2 Thread the Coral bead and a 3mm round bead onto the headpin and attach with a wire wrapped link. see our instructions if needed.

We can supply as finished or as components.

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Silica Bracelet & Necklace

Stretchy silica gel bracelet or necklace with a removable grommet/pin in each end allowing you to add any bead you like with a large enough hole.

These products come as 
Rhodium plate brass pins that can be glued into any bead with a 1mm hole, from specially drilled fresh water pearl 
to gemstone beads. 
We have included a selection of gemstone beads in the link below but feel free to ask if your favorite bead will work. 

Please contact us if you need to know whether one of the 
stones from our collection will fit the pins.
We charge $5.00 to glue and finish for you if required.

Types of glues used.
 We use Araldite which a 2 part epoxy glue that you mix otherwise you can use Shellys Quick Fix which comes with a little brush. The Quick Fix is good for fresh water pearls or anything with a rough surface. This is not ideal for highly polished stones or glass.

  Adjustable Silk Bracelets

 The secret to this simple design is the 4mm smart bead which works well as an adjustable slide clasp. 
 Available in Sterling Silver  B730 and 14k gold filled BGF147, this smart bead has a 2mm hole with a silicon insert and works perfectly No.14 silk thread. We have created a few kits, instructions included, (NO SILK INCLUDED) to get you started and you can create 5-6 bracelets from one length of 2m Silk.

Tools: Sharp Scissor, Clear Nail polish
Step 1 Unravel the silk from the card and tie a knot 1cm from the end furthest from the needle.
Step 2 Thread one of the 3mm beads, then the silicon core bead.
Step 3 Thread the feature beads, space them so that the centre bead is 14cm from the knot for Bracelet, 30cm if you are making a necklace.
Step 4 Thread the silk back through the silicon core bead and then last 3mm bead, tie another knot making sure both ends are the same length.
Step 5 Cut the thread 1cm from the knot. Fuse the knots with clear nail polish. Let dry, trim close to the knot and reapply nail polish.The rest of the silk can be used for other bracelets or necklaces.

The possibilities are endless with this design!

Just remember SIZE 14 Silk is the one we have tried and tested and works with this design.

These Earrings are as easy to make as threading the pendant onto the sheppard. We can supply as finished or as components

F.W.Pearl Sterling Silver necklace

This idea is about both the Fresh Water Pearl Stock code 22239 with 1.5mm Sterling Silver grommet and the two necklace designs that you can thread a bead on to.

necklaces we have available come in three colour finishes 

Sterling Silver
Gold plate Sterling Silver
Rose Gold plate Sterling Silver

They are also available in a smooth and twist finish.

You can really thread any bead you wish onto these necklaces because they have a very clever end, the end of the chain is rigid and slides into a silicon bead attached to the clasp.
This allows you to thread whatever bead you want then it is as easy as threading the rigid end back through the silicon bead.

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