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Basic Techniques



Good quality beading elastic can be clear or coloured, and will return to its original length and thickness after stretching; use for designs where a clasp is not wanted. Elastic is not commonly used as a threading material for necklaces, although there is no reason that it cannot be used.


Collapsible beading needle
Clear nail polish


Use the thickest elastic you can, or multiple strand if the beads have a very large hole.

If you do not have a collapsible beading needle, scraps of jewellery wire, folded in half, will suffice.

Elastic bracelets or rings still have to be fitted like any other jewellery design - it is preferable that elastic jewellery designs are not too tight.

If you are using small beads and having trouble when tying the knot because the beads are getting caught in the knots, stretch the elastic around a glass; this will help to keep the beads out of the knot. Don’t forget your tension though!

The only problem with beading elastic is that sharp edges of beads will cut through elastic quicker than jewellery wire.

It is best to hide the knots in elastic jewellery designs when possible. After the knot has been fused with clear nail polish, stretch the design, and slip the knots inside a bead.



 Without cutting the elastic from the roll,
thread all the beads, then check the length the length on your wrist.
Cut the elastic leaving at least 4cm of elastic either side of the beads to allow knotting.

STEP 2. Knot strands together with multipleoverhand knots and fuse the knots with clear nail polish.


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