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Problem Solving

Necklace is too short:
Add an extension chain or wire wrapped beads to extend.
Re-thread; Cut the necklace near the clasp and re-use the jewellery wire for a bracelet.

There are not enough beads for the length of the jewellery design I want to make:
Add complementary beads to the design, either at the back or include as part of the design.
Add some chain to either side of the design at the back.
Make wire wrapped loops to connect the beads, instead of threading on jewellery wire.

My bead is chipped near the hole but I still want to use it:
Cover the chip on the bead with a bead cap/rondel or another bead if possible.
Use the bead at the back of a necklace.

My bead has a large hole and does not sit straight when threaded:
Thread a smaller bead either side that will sit inside the hole and help to straighten.

My designs threaded on jewellery wire:one of the beads has a sharp edge
Use a smaller bead to sit inside the hole keeping the jewellery wire away from the sharp edge.
Ream the sharp edge with a bead reaming tool.
Use that bead on a wire wrapped project.

My bead slides off the end of the headpin:
If a bead has a hole too big for the head pin use a cap/daisy or smaller bead before the larger bead.
Use a headpin with large a decorative head.

I lose beads/designs when I have to pack-up before finishing:
Work on a tray or bead board that can be put away easily (for example on top of the fridge), if you need to pack away quickly. Always have a few creation keepers handy and use them. See Jewellery Tools

My jewellery wire threaded design buckles and looks kinked: it's too tight...
Work the jewellery design in your hands to see if the beads will "settleā€ and fit better together. If this does not work you will need to restring. Do not pull so tight next time when finishing.

My jewellery wire threaded design has gaps and the wire is visible: it's too loose.....
Fill the gaps with crimp covers. Check the tension more closely before final crimping next time; a design laid in a straight line while gently sliding fingers along the length towards the finished end will help.

Why does my bracelet fall off?
Have you ever wondered why that bracelet design seems to be a perfect fit until the first time you wear it?
The answer is simple - getting a perfect fit for a bracelet is essential; using a toggle clasp as often as possible is the answer.
Use either the necklace finishing technique or the wire wrap loop technique. Start your jewellery design and continue until you can fit the jewellery design around your wrist. Make the design meet end to end with no gaps and no overlapping beads, excluding the chosen toggle.
When a toggle clasp is added to this length it should fit perfectly, and not come undone! Toggles are also easier to do up one handed.

Make sure the bead closest to the bar end of the toggle is not too big. A bead that is too big will stop the bar from going through the ring of the toggle.