Wire Wrapped a Briolette Bead


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Wire Wrapping a Briolette, Top Drilled Bead or Pendant to make a Pendant so that they can be used on necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Check out ourBead Inspired Kits page for design ideas.

Chain or Flat nose pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutters

Bead or Pendant with a hole
Wire that will thread through the hole in the bead (at least 10cm)
Small bead with a hole large enough to thread over the twist

Step 1

Cut a length of wire 10-15cm long depending on the size of your bead. Thread the pendant or briolette about 1/3 along the length of the wire.

Step 2

With your fingers, push the wire up the sides of the bead

Step 3

Bring the wires up and cross them.

Step 4

Hold the crossed wires where they are crossed with the round nose pliers

Step 5

It is easier to twist the bead rather than the pliers. If you are using a fine briolette bead be gentle.

Step 6

Using the flat side of the cutters trim the short tail as close to the wrap.

Step 7

Using the tips of your chain nose pliers, grab the wire directly above the wrap.


Step 8

Slide a small bead over the wrap, this will both hold the wrap and hide it. A 3mm Sterling silver bead will fit over 0.5mm wire

Step 9

Make a wire wrapped loop see instructions

Step 10

Finish the loop with the Tail perpendicular to the loop

Step 11

Using the flat side of the Cutters trim the wire close to the loop.

Step 12


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