Make a figure 8 connector


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Wire Wrapping

Make a Figure 8 Connector

Connectors are used as links in designs. This is an easy to make a useful connector. Beware when using as a connector as the loops as not closed.

Check your jewellery design regularly to make sure it is still secure. The loops can be made any size, depending on where you hold the wire with the round nose pliers. Mark round nose pliers, with a pen, for consistence size loops


Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutters

Use 0.8-1.0mm wire

Hold the end of the wire with round nose pliers furthest from the tip.

Wrap the wire around the round nose pliers till the wire meets and forms a loop.

Hold the wire with round nose pliers next to the loop.

Wrap the wire in the opposite direction around the round nose pliers.

Trim the wire end where it meets loop.


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