make a bail using beads


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Basic Stringing and Tassels

Make a Bail Using Beads


STEP 1.Thread the first side of your necklace design onto jewellery wire.

STEP 2.Thread the desired "locking” bead.

STEP 3. Thread enough small beads to reach from the locking bead to the hole in the pendant.

STEP 4. Thread the pendant bead and enough small beads to reach back to the locking bead (use the same number of small beads as previously unless the beads pass freely through the hole in the pendant).

STEP 5. Re-thread the wire back through the locking bead making sure it has been threaded from the bottom and the pendant is hanging from the locking bead. NB; do not pull wire tight at this time.

STEP 6. Complete the necklace using the first side as your guide.

STEP 7. Attach the clasp using the necklace finishing technique.

STEP 8. Slide beads back to clasp; care must be taken to ensure there are no gaps near the pendant.

STEP 9. Attach the second side of the clasp using the necklace finishing technique to complete.



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