Crochet necklace adding beadsCrochet necklace adding beads


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Crochet necklace adding beads

We have made 7 Kits using this method all include detail instructions

STEP 1: Thread the beads onto the poly cord using the collapsible beading needle. (To start threading the needle head will need to be flattened)

STEP 2: Cut off the cord which has been looped on the needle as it will be weakened, then make a starting loop for chain stitched by tying the cord around the fat part of the hook and knot.

STEP 3: Make a loop of cord and push it through the ring on one of the hook clasps ends

STEP 4: With the crochet hook in the loop.

STEP 5: Pull the thread until it is tight around the hook then pull it through the starting loop

Step 6: Make a chain stitch, use this stitch to lengthen and space the beads.

STEP 7: To include a bead, Bring the first bead up to the loop.

STEP 8: Do a chain stitch around the bead