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Repairs and Custom Orders

Here at Bead Them Up we can repair or restring your grandmothers pearls or your favourite beaded necklace. We can custom design and create a piece for that special occasion or create a collection to jazz up that wardrobe. 


Length Knotting
cost per strand
Jewellery wire
cost per strand
40-45cm $32.00 $22.00
50-55cm $40.00 $30.00
60cm $48.00 $38.00
70cm $58.00 $48.00
80cm $64.00 $54.00
100cm $80.00 $70.00
120cm $96.00 $86.00
160cm $128.00 $118.00
180cm $144.00 $134.00
200cm $160.00 $150.00

Bracelets $20.00 $15.00

Elastic Bracelets $10 per strand
Memory wire bracelet
$10.00 per turn
Memory wire necklace
$15.00 per turn

Basic Earrings Excluding Beads and Findings
$10.00 per Pair

Basic Pendant Excluding Beads and Findings
$5.00 each

PLEASE NOTE these prices are indicative only. For custom made and beading jewellery repair, the final costs are determined by the beads and clasp chosen by the customer.

If strands or packets have to be broken up, the FULL cost of the strand/s &/or finding packets are charged to the customer and left over beads will be given to the customer.

A deposit of 80% for custom made jewellery is required before job commencement.

Gemstone Chips and Beads 4mm and under incur an additional charge of $10 per strand.

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