Opening and closing a jump ring


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Basic Techniques

Opening and Closing a Jump Ring

Jump rings are great connectors when used correctly

Tools Required:

2 Pairs of Chain or Flat Nose Pliers

Products needed:

Open Jump Rings


Twisting jump rings too far or repeatedly can fatigue metal

Jump rings are a great way to add charms

When using sterling silver, "Jumplocks" are a better alternative as they stay closed

Open a jump ring only as wide as needed

Step 1. Start with an open jump ring

Step 2. To open jump rings use two pairs of pliers to hold the ring either side of the break

Step 3. Twist the ring apart sideways, by moving the pliers one towards you and the other away from you. The jump ring will not regain its shape if opened incorrectly.
Add what ever components are required.

Step 4. Close a ring the same way as it was opened - by sliding the two edges back next to each other. If you slide the rings a little past where they meet evenly the natural spring of the metal will perfectly align the sides.

Step 5. You should be able to feel the ends slide against each other and may feel a 'click' when they are aligned.

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