Making Tin Cup Designs with Crimps


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Floating/Tin Cup Style Necklace

Multi or Single Strand

A floating style necklace looks as though the beads are simply floating on the skin; the beads are strung independently from one another on illusion thread or coated/coloured jewellery wire. This design is one of the few times it is recommended to use sterling silver plated, gold plated or coloured jewellery wire.


Use a ruler to help evenly space the beads.

Start threading from the centre.

Use a bead board to lay the design out before beginning if required.


Space the beads on thread using any of the following techniques:


Use either floating or normal crimps and cover with a crimp cover if desired; floating crimps can only be recommended if the beads are light as the crimps are not strong enough to hold heavy beads.


Apply glue (5 minute Araldite) to the cord in the required position and slide the bead into place; secure the bead with blue tack while the glue is setting so that it will not shift when adding subsequent beads.

Using a "Stopper” Bead:

The "stopper” bead is a small/seed bead that the illusion thread will pass through twice to secure the focal bead in place. Thread the "stopper "bead and secure in position by re-threading the illusion thread through the "stopper” bead. Thread the focal bead and another "stopper” bead then re-thread the illusion thread through the "stopper” bead again.

Use your finger nail to adjust the position of the beads.

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