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Whitsunday 90cm Red Coral Magic necklace Kit
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Whitsunday 90cm Red Coral Magic necklace Kit
AUD $85.00
Whitsunday 90cm Red Coral Magic necklace Kit
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· Do not cut the wire into shorter lengths.
· Beads have been placed into appropriate bags for each section to make it easier to follow the pattern, please keep them separated.
see necklace finshing instructions

STEP 1: Attach one end of the wire to one side of the clasp as shown in crimping instructions.

STEP 2: Using bag marked 1 of beads, thread the beads for that section and attach to the finding where shown on the image (see other side of the page).

STEP 3: Using STEP 1 & 2 thread the beads from bag 2 attaching to the other side of the clasp.

STEP 4: Thread a wire guardian onto the wire at fit it around the connecter in the center of the wire (BOTH LENGTHS OF WIRE SHOULD BE THE SAME LENGTH), thread a crimp into both lengths of the wire, close and fit the wire guardian and crimp. You should now have 2 strands to make the bottom of the necklace.

STEP 5: Thread the side drill cube bead and the divider as shown.

STEP 6: Thread and finish each bag of beads attaching as per the image
Price: AUD $85.00
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